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15 October 2006 @ 05:24 pm
Ment to have been posted 3 days ago, but posted to main and not here  
Ok, so i have been out of the loop a bit in the last couple of months with my various personal issues. If you  read my personal journal that comment will maek a little more sense...a little. I am so sorry to have negleted this community. I will try and do better. I now live in Henderson, Nevada with my friend Kathy. That's right outside Las Vegas.  I am looking for new ideas as we get closer to an ending year.  We do only have 2.5 months of this one. I would like you all to tell me what you liked about this community, what you didn't like, what should be done more often, what should never be done again, and any other suggestions you can think of. I myself will try next week to communicate to the other moderators about there opinions and such. So, my lovely moderators, please do your best to be available.
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