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A Dwelling For All Things Gay

...And Those Who Support Them

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This community was created by me, Andrew a.k.a. thegr8arp. We hope that you find this community to your liking. My friend Becky bluemnky1 helps maintain the community. Becky is straight and has interesting ideas to bring to this group.

Basically this is a general forum. This is a forum mainly for gays and their supporters, such as family and friends, but not exclusive to them. This is a site to post anything gay-related or that might be interesting to the community members (i.e. concerts, plays, shows, new releases of any kind). If you want to rant... go ahead. If you want to post an article or share some information about gay rights, gay progress, etc.; go ahead and do it. If you want to post how much you love Cher, Bette Midler, Mariah Carey, and would die if you met Beyonce, then this is your site. You can post icons, pics, and links to whatever you want (see Things You Should Know). This is also a place for people who are new to coming out and have questions. If you need advice or an answer to a question, then ask the question here, and we will try and help or find a place to direct you regardless.


1.) Freedom of speech is promoted and encouraged in this community, but slanderous comments are not. You can disagree, but be civil.

2.) No subject is sacred. I do ask that you have a bit of taste. Not a requirement, but it would be nice.

3.) No nude photos please. I want those of any age to be able to join.

4.) Introductory post are appreciated but not a requirement.

5.) Picture posts are more than welcomed, but if more than one or really large please put behind a LJ-cut.

6.) Quizzes are welcomed, but if you want to post your scores, post them as a comment to the original rather than a whole new post. This will keep a lot of members happy.

7.) Links are welcomed, but be PG-13. I want anyone who can be a member of LJ to be able to view any content on this community. Also I have no qualms about community promotions as long as they are described as 18+ if applicable .

8.) If you use an icon from this community ask the person who owns it first. You don't have to give credit to this community, but the person who owns it may wants some.

9.) Although not required, please put really long posts under a cut. This too will keep certain members happy.

10.) Have fun and do whatever you want!!

I am a very easy going person, so it will be really hard to get deleted but not impossible. I am the master moderator, so if you have questions about something (i.e. if you want to become a sister community, want to post something you aren't sure if it is against the rules, etc.) then they should be directed towards me and not the other maintainers. They are mainly there to help attract people and make sure things are hunky-dory. This can be done by commenting on my personal LJ page. I hope you enjoy this community. Feedback is always appreciated and desired whether good or bad.

I am new to making communities, so if you have any suggestions feel free to make them. I would very much appreciate them, and Please Promote on your own communities and journals. I will be forever grateful. Feel free to promote your own communities I have no qualms with that.

"Never say anything you wouldn't sign your name to!"
~Andrew Perrigo
Creator and Head Moderator

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